Your Complete Risk Management Solution

  • Understanding Risk

    Risk Management means understanding incident trends within your program. In order to effectively manage risk, programs need to be able to record and analyze detailed information about incidents and close calls. Data = Safety is our approach for managing safety by cataloging and analyzing your data to discover trends and create the most effective risk management solutions.

  • Managing Data

    You have complete control over your data. Using our multi-tiered data collection process you can capture complete data about incidents and close calls in your program. At each level you determine how much information is essential to record about your incident.


Your Data, in the Cloud

Our Microsoft Azure solutions put your data in the Cloud for secure 24/7 access. Access your data from anywhere.

Manage your Risk by Managing your Data

The International Incident Database System is the most advanced incident database tracking system available. We combine the most extensive data collection and tracking system with a robust flexibility that allows it to be used in any incident data collection paradigm.


Incident Data Tracking is complex. We make it simple.

The International Incident Database System is your complete incident tracking solution, built from the ground up to be flexible, extensible and user-friendly. Gathering incident data has never been this easy.

Our Technology

Azure Cloud

Our products are built on the Microsoft Azure platform, an open and flexible enterprise-level cloud computing platform with redundant data centers around the world.

SQL Server Database

We use the latest Microsoft SQL Server Database technology to provide you with robust data storage, search and analytic capabilities.


Designed and built using advanced Microsoft ASP.NET programming technologies to give you the richest set of features and usability.


Take a tour of the features and user experience.

Rich Data Analytics

Data Analytics from PowerBI create powerful live Dashboards where users can interact with live data to drill down and learn from your data. Hover over and click on the various graphs to experiment with live data interactions.

Incident Tracking Features

  • Incidents & Close Calls
  • Date & Time
  • Program Activity
  • Location
  • Injury & Illness
  • Behavioral & Legal
  • Persons Involved
  • Staff
  • Participants
  • Witness Accounts
  • Narratives

Environment & Equipment
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Weather
  • Terrain
  • Equipment Involved
  • Property Damage
  • Review & Recommendations
  • Causal Factors
  • Legal & Insurance
  • Communication & Notifications
  • Document Storage
  • Image & Video Storage

Multiple Platforms designed to fit your needs

Private Cloud

Large organizations need a single Incident Data repository where staff from around the world can submit data and managers can constantly monitor and manage incidents. Our Private Cloud product offers your company a single-tenant private cloud with full customization options.

Public Cloud

Small to Mid-sized organizations need a cost-effective solution for collecting, cataloging and analyzing incident data. Our Public Cloud products leverage the same great technology of our Private Cloud in a secure multi-tenant Cloud System.Our multi-tenant system allows you to benefit from analysis of aggregate data across your industry.

Learn More

For more information about how the International Incident Database can help you manage your incident data and improve your overall risk management plan. Tell us about your organization: location, type of program

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